Download Nero update to version 5.0.18

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ahead has released a new update of the very popular burning program Nero.

These CDRWs are supported for the first time:

new recorders: Archos ARC XS4424, ARC XS8432, Canon XS4424, Creative CD-RW RW8436E, CD-RW RW8437E, Creative CD-RW RW8438E, CD-RW RW8439E, MiniCDRW RW4426U, Iomega ZIPCDINT1536, Maxell MCD-RW84-32, Memorex CDRW -8432, NEC NR-7500A, Philips 4424 CDRW, 4220 CDRW, Q-lity CD-R/RW ECW-043, Sony CRX0821, CRX700E, Wearnes CDRW-12832

[break]Further improvements:[/break]

Overburn support for several Sanyo drives Copying of CDs in CD-Extra format improved. Multiple recorder support under Windows 2000 improved. Support of drives which does not have driveletters Bugfix: Trying to load an audio document (NRA) with dead link using filters was causing a crash. Bugfix: Problems writing an Audio CD with CD-Text with Sony CRX120 Bugfix: The hiss reduction audio filter filled sometimes the disk with useless data

[break]Thank you -=Fred Perry=- for submitting this news.

Version number 5.0.18
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website Ahead Software
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