Software Update: Mozilla Thunderbird 102.3.2

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The Mozilla Foundation has released version 102.3.2 of Thunderbird. Thunderbird is an open source email and newsgroup client, with features such as support for multiple email and news accounts, a spam filter, spell checker, and a customizable appearance. In version 102 Mozilla has refreshed the user interface and the address book, made importing and exporting user accounts easier and added the Matrix chat protocol. The following improvements have also been made in this update:


  • Thunderbird will try to use POP CRAM-MD5 authentication even if not advertised by server


  • Checking messages on POP3 accounts caused POP folder to lock if mail server was slow or non-responsive
  • Newsgroups named with consecutive dots would not appear when refreshing list of newsgroups
  • Sending news articles containing lines starting with dot were sometimes clipped
  • CardDAV server sync silently failed if sync token expired
  • Contacts from LDAP on macOS address books were not displayed
  • Chat account input now accepts URIs for supported chat protocols
  • Chat ScreenName field was not migrated to new address book
  • Creating a New Event from the Today Pane used the currently selected day from the main calendar instead of from the Today Pane
  • New Event button in Today Pane was incorrectly disabled sometimes
  • Event reminder windows did not close after being dismissed or snoozed
  • Improved performance of recurring event date calculation
  • Quarterly calendar events on the last day of the month repeated one month early
  • Thunderbird would hang if calendar event exceeded the year 2035
  • Whitespace in calendar events was incorrectly handled when upgrading from Thunderbird 91 to 102
  • Various visual and UX improvements

Version number 102.3.2
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website Mozilla Foundation
License type Prerequisites (GNU/BSD/etc.)
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