Software update: moOde audio player 8.2.0

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Version 8.2.0 of moOde audio player has been released. This program turns a Raspberry Pi into a comprehensive one music center and can play music files stored on the local network, from Internet radio stations and from various streaming services. The player can be operated via a web browser or mobile device and there is support for a large number of DACs, so that the music can also be played in high quality. The changelog for this release looks like this:

mode audio player 8.2.0

This release is based on RaspiOS Bullseye Lite (2022-09-06) and Linux kernel 5.15 and includes important new features, updates and bug fixes. Starting with this release all subsequent in-place updates will update any >= 8.2.0 release to the latest release.

New features

  • File sharing via NFS server or SMB server
    This feature enables moOde to function as an NFS server and/or SMB server.
  • Access Point (AP) Router mode
    This feature provides forwarding between moOde’s built in Access Point and an Ethernet connection.
  • CoverView clock mode and wide layout
    This feature provides an option for displaying a digital clock instead of cover art and a second option for specifying whether to use the default layout where the cover art is centered with metadata below it or a wide layout where cover art is on the left and metadata is on the right.
  • Automatic check for available software update
    This option when turned on will automatically display a notification when a software update is available. The option is off by default.

Update and bug fix summary:

  • Bump to Linux kernel 5.15.61 build #1579 (new image only)
  • Bump to librespot 0.4.2
  • Bump to camillagui 1.0.0 rc4, camilla-backend 1.0.0 rc5 and alsa-cdsp 1.2.0
  • Add prefs option for Native lazy loading and Playlist one-touch action
  • Add librespot AP fallback workaround to launch params
  • Provide a default Playlist cover if no cover image is set
  • Fix Folder view “Update individual folder” broken due to bad variable name
  • Fix Queue move item(s) broken due to bad variable name
  • Fix SSIDs from scan list not being escaped in Network Config
  • Fix System Config WiFi/BT On/Off buttons not showing for Zero 2 W
  • Fix Alsa-cdsp XRUNS in certain usage scenarios affecting CamillaDSP
  • Fix Save queue to playlist overwrites first two items with EXT tags

Version number 8.2.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux
Website fashion audio
License type GPL