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Version 8.0.0 of moOde audio player has been released. This program turns a Raspberry Pi into a comprehensive music center and can play music files stored on the local network, from Internet radio stations and from various streaming services. The player can be controlled via a web browser or mobile device and there is support for a large number of DACs, so that the music can also be played in high quality. The changelog for this release looks like this:

moOde 8.0.0 available

This release is based on RaspiOS Bullseye Lite (2022-01-28) and Linux kernel 5.15.y branch and includes important updates, improvements and bug fixes.

The release was generated using a new build system based on Debian package management that provides a simplified and more controlled process for installing and configuring moOde. Additionally a new pi-gen based image builder was used to generate the ISO image. Refer to the Developer documentation for guides on how to use the new builders.


  • Raspberry Pi OS Lite 11.2 (Bullseye)
  • Linux kernel 5.15.23 #1525
  • Bump to MPD 0.23.5
  • Bump to Pi Bluetooth 0.1.18
  • Bump to alsa-cdsp 1.1.0
  • Improved Scan for Samba shares
  • Improved Scan for players/receivers
  • Improved Multiroom Audio feature
  • Improved Local UI feature
  • Improved Audio Config

NOTE: This is an image-only release due to OS change to new RaspiOS Bullseye. Use the Backup/Restore option in System Config to transfer settings from existing systems to moOde 8.

NOTE: For those that are using Local UI there is still a memory consumption issue in chromium browser that causes all RAM to be eaten up after ~3 hours. As a workaround, Local UI is restarted every 2 hours in the maintenance task. The crew is investigating possible fixes including an alternative Browser for example luakit.

Version number 8.0.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux
Website moOde audio
License type GPL
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