Download Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 16.4.0

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Microsoft has released version 16.4.0 of Visual Studio 2019. This popular programming development environment has useful options to make programming in Visual C ++, Visual Basic, C #, F #, Python and R easier. The complete list of the changes in the 2019 release can be found in the accompanying release notes. The following changes and improvements have been made in this release:

Summary of What’s New in Visual Studio 2019 version 16.4

  • Visual Studio now supports FIPS compliance mode
  • XAML Designer zoom / position now defaults to Fit All.
  • Create Data Binding Dialog has been added.
  • Improvements to regions IntelliSense
  • Snippets in XAML IntelliSense
  • Pop-up XAML editor as a separate window from designer
  • Displaying resources for referenced assemblies
  • Just My XAML in Live Visual Tree
  • Merge Resource Dictionary
  • XAML Islands support
  • Edit Template now works with controsl from 3rd party controls.
  • Better Clang-Tidy support in C ++ CMake projects.
  • AddressSanitizer support for projects compiled with MSVC on Windows.
  • Support for publishing local Git repositories to GitHub.
  • Change your document tabs to a vertical layout with Vertical Document Tabs.
  • .NET Productivity additions in this release include the ability to configure the severity level of a code style rule directly in the error list, Find All References now has the option to group by type and member, and a refacotring to make a local function static and pass in variables defined outside of the function to the function’s declaration and calls.
  • Integrated terminal adds new functionality as well as general stability fixes (only available on preview releases)
  • Containers tool window adds the ability to inspect, stop, start, and remove Docker containers and images
  • Option to improve startup performance by auto hiding tool windows
  • Clang-Tidy support in C ++ MSBuild and CMake projects, for both Clang and MSVC.
  • Automatic detection of SQL Server and Azure Storage connections strings when managing publish dependencies or using Connected Services
  • Added support for developing Azure Functions using the 64bit runtime.
  • Added support for .NET Core 3.0 app publishing options: Ready to Run (Crossgen), Linking, and SingleExe
  • .NET Productivity additions in this release include the ability to configure the severity level of a code style rule directly through the editor, navigate easily up the inheritance chain with the new Go To Base command, adding null checks for all parameters, and XML documentation for overriding methods.

Version number 16.4.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2016
Website Microsoft
License type Paid
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