Software update: MBM

rye was able to tell us that there is a new Motherboard Monitor. It concerns version Below is the changelog for this new version.

Things that have changed in my working build so far are:


16 color check, MBM will not longer run with 16 colors as it gives issues with the dashboard

closeonnoprimary switch, starting MBM with that will close MBM if nothing is found, reason for this was the use of MBM on a normal and virtual machine, the last one would have no sensor chip.

CPU Usage in tray code added

Fixed a few internal limitations


Error in the HTML alarm log fixed


No voltage error fixed on SIS/ITE sensor chips

Added a 5th SIS/ITE voltage option, this should in theory work on all SIS/ITE boards.


Will suggest a 10 second rebuild delay for the icons if your running XP, this seems to solve the XP hide icons issue


Added option to display CPU usage in tray, it gets shown with numbers just like the temps do and it’s in 1 color, so don’t even ask for a diffrent color per cpu 😛

Version number
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Motherboard Monitor Homepage