Software Update: MacMAME 0.97u1

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Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, or MAME for short, is an open source project that makes it possible to emulate old arcade games and consoles. The software is being developed for DOS and Windows, but several ports exist to other platforms, including Linux, AmigaOS, OS/2, and the Xbox. MacMAME is a port to Mac OS X and has been released a few days ago with version 0.97u1 with the following changes:

Version 0.97u1:

  • Updated to match Win32 MAME 0.97u1
  • Added support for right modifier keys and flashing keyboard LED lights.
  • Changes and bug fixes to play along better with MacMESS.


Version number 0.97h1
Operating systems macOS
Website MacMAME
File size


License type Prerequisites (GNU/BSD/etc.)