Download LSDistro 1.0 Litestep

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phaedrus writes: “LSDistro is a distribution of Litestep with a few themes that is easy to install. And that without having to read through pages of documentation.” The release notes look like this:

New version of lsdistro is out. I finished compiling the new installer for lsdistro. Here are the new features

  • New ls build (10-16-01)
  • ReadMe included (newbie manual to follow)
  • New version of lsts
  • Slightly modified personal.rc (fixed multipopup error and changed WIN C to !commandfocus)
  • Most current version of all common modules (two textedit.dll files included)
  • New common modules (change.dll, grdmagik.dll, grdtransparent.dll)

Version number 1.0
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website LSDistro
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