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To map the devices in your network, you can use Lansweeper. This program works on a Windows machine and is able to inventory the existing software and hardware in the network without having to install a client program on each computer. All information can then be consulted via a web interface. Lansweeper is available as freeware for small environments and for larger environments will paid must become. Since version, the following changes and improvements have been made:

LsAgent Linux, LsAgent Mac (19 Apr 2022)

  • Added: LAN-9933 LsAgent can now perform custom file and directory scanning for Linux computers
  • Added: LAN-8616 LsAgent now scans users, user groups and user logon information of Linux computers, like it already did for Windows computers
  • Changed: LAN-12939 For performance reasons, LsAgent client installations now only refresh their scanning settings once every 24 hours
  • Changed: LAN-12939 For performance reasons, the minimum scan interval of LsAgent client installations is now 4 hours
  • Changed: LAN-11061 Improved and expanded the network information scanned for Linux computers
  • Changed: LAN-9293 Improved and expanded the operating system information scanned for Linux computers
  • Changed: LAN-9295 Improved and expanded the processor information scanned for Linux computers
  • Changed: LAN-9294 Improved and expanded the software information scanned for Linux computers, retrieving data from additional commands and directories
  • Changed: LAN-9889 Improved and expanded volume information scanned for Linux computers
  • Changed: LAN-9296 Replaced old, deprecated commands used for scanning Linux computers with more modern ones, only using the old ones as a fallback now
  • Fixed: LAN-11108 When performing an agentless scan of a Linux client machine and then rescanning the same machine with LsAgent, some scanned values ​​like DNS name and SSH server disappear from the asset page, LsPush, LsAgent Windows, SQL 525 (Apr 14, 2022)

  • Added: LAN-12980 A drop-down menu is now available in the Software tab of Windows asset pages to customize whether the software list shows all software, just desktop software or just Microsoft Store apps
  • Added: LAN-12980 A new Type column in the Software tab of Windows asset pages and in Windows software reports now indicates whether the software is desktop software or a Microsoft Store app
  • Added: LAN-9064 Lansweeper now scans Local Computer certificates of Windows computers
  • Added: LAN-12867 There is now a separate scanned item interval called SOFTWAREMSSTOREAPPS to control if and how often Microsoft Store apps are scanned. This item is disabled by default in new Lansweeper installations and updated installations that had not already scanned Store apps.
  • Changed: LAN-12939 For performance reasons, LsAgent client installations now only refresh their scanning settings once every 24 hours
  • Changed: LAN-12939 For performance reasons, the minimum scan interval of LsAgent client installations is now 4 hours
  • Changed: LAN-12951 The ConfigUser InfoUsers In Groups tab of Linux asset pages is now more logically sorted based on user group first, then username
  • Fixed: LAN-12034 An Excel export of a report with a very large output can take a long time to complete
  • Fixed: LAN-12756 Automated cleanups of Windows assets can fail due to the following underlying error: “The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint FK_tblHyperVLog_tblAssetsScanned”
  • Fixed: LAN-12882 Azure Virtual Machine asset pages do not properly list the number of scanned processor cores
  • Fixed: LAN-12937 Changes made to the extended display scanning setting under ConfigurationGeneral are not logged in the tblConfigLog database table
  • Fixed: LAN-11967 Character encoding issue in the Comments field in the Summary tab of asset pages
  • Fixed: LAN-12648 Credential-free Device Recognition (CDR) is supposed to improve serial number data detected through Bonjour, SNMP and UPnP where possible, but does not always do so for assets that have been in the Lansweeper database for a while
  • Fixed: LAN-12805 DbUpdateException errors can occur when a Lansweeper scan server processes Windows driver data scanned by LsAgent
  • Fixed: LAN-12753 Domain-joined non-Windows assets are scanned too frequently by Active Directory Domain scanning targets, due to the targets not respecting the Min. Time Between Scans for non-Windows assets
  • Fixed: LAN-12984 If a scheduled deployment runs multiple times on assets in a report, new deployment log entries are not always generated for all assets in the report output, even though the deployments are executed in the background
  • Fixed: LAN-12903 If an item is disabled for scanning, its related tab on Windows asset pages fails to indicate this
  • Fixed: LAN-10816 If in a workgroup environment you log into the Lansweeper web console with a local Windows user and don’t include the machine name or . in the username input box, the login is incorrectly handled and a duplicate user entry is generated in the background
  • Fixed: LAN-12869 Lansweeper fails to scan Azure Active Directory user group memberships
  • Fixed: LAN-12685 Microsoft Store apps whose publisher cannot be detected are not always listed under the SoftwareAuthorization menu
  • Fixed: LAN-803 Running deployments on a Windows computer and then deleting the computer’s asset results in orphaned deployment log entries with an empty asset name
  • Fixed: LAN-12681 Scanned software is sometimes stored in the tblSoftwareUni database table with an incorrect OSType, due to software packages with the same name being found on multiple OS platforms
  • Fixed: LAN-12794 Scheduled tasks used for running deployments are not always cleaned up on the client machine after the completion of the deployment
  • Fixed: LAN-12935 The built-in report “Assets: All licensed assets in Lansweeper” does not show all licensed assets, as it fails to list monitors that have extended display data
  • Fixed: LAN-12880 The built-in report “Windows: Laptops and desktops list” incorrectly identifies Microsoft Surface tablets as desktops
  • Fixed: LAN-12698 The Cloud prerequisite checks popup freezes if the Lansweeper database is hosted in SQL Server 2008
  • Fixed: LAN-12899 The ConfigUser Info tab of Linux asset pages is not highlighted when active
  • Fixed: LAN-12930 The Lansweeper installer erroneously prevents reinstallation of just the scanning service or web console when LocalDB is used as database server, even if an existing LocalDB database is in fact present to perform such a reinstallation
  • Fixed: LAN-12949 The Lansweeper web console can in some cases fail to load due to an underlying Cloud license check failure, a failure that should not be blocking for loading the local console
  • Fixed: LAN-12527 The Scanning Status dashboard widget fails to show a warning if a size-limited SQL database server is used to host the Lansweeper database and that server’s limit is (almost) reached
  • Fixed: LAN-12876 The test output of an LDAP(S) configuration is sometimes just an error icon without any further info on the connection failure
  • Fixed: LAN-12876 The test output of an LDAP(S) configuration sometimes indicates a connection failure when the domain can actually be successfully connected to during scanning
  • Fixed: LAN-12557 Users that log into the web console with integrated Windows authentication do not appear in the built-in report “Users: Logins into the Lansweeper web console”
  • Fixed: LAN-12585 Web console notifications are sometimes generated indicating that LsAgent or LsPush scans are overloading the scan server when it’s actually another process causing the server overload
  • Fixed: LAN-12858 When performing certain actions on help desk tickets, like changing the ticket type through Edit Ticket, the edit popup freezes

Version number
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, Windows 11
Website lance weeper
License type Freeware/Paid
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