Software update: iGet 2.1

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You can use the iGet program on the Mac OS X platform to exchange files. This program is written for Mac OS X and therefore contains a number of exclusive functions such as ‘remote Spotlight searching’ – searching through your own Mac for files that are on another Mac computer. The connections are provided with SSH security. There is also support for Finder labels, HFS metadata and ‘resource forks‘ present. Five Speed ​​Software has released version 2.1 of iGet with the following changes:

iGet 2.1 adds several enhancements requested by users, and also delivers a number of bug fixes and enhanced reliability and ease of use. This update is recommended to all iGet users. Enhancements and Fixes in iGet 2.1:

  • iGet features a new “set-it-and-forget-it” Software Update system, which can not only check for new versions (which it could previously do), but can also download and install such updates, including doing that automatically. We recommend that all users take advantage of the new system to keep iGet up to date automatically.
  • iGet features a brand new preferences interface, as the number of user-adjustable preferences has outgrown the original one-pane design.
  • The Send Feedback function has been enhanced to (optionally) collect important system configuration information. This can be very useful in helping our support staff diagnose certain configuration problems that may prevent iGet from connecting in some cases.
  • Some memory leaks have been corrected.
  • Fixed a rare but serious bug whereby iGet could suddenly consume a lot of the Mac’s CPU power and become unresponsive during some file transfers involving uploading large packages. This bug could make iGet appear to have crashed, although it would recover once the file transfer had completed.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause incorrect icon display for transferred files, by preventing the Finder from noticing that the icon for a transferred file should be updated when the file transfer was completed. This bug usually hit *after* the first file was transferred, and would cause the Finder to display the partially-transferred file icon until at some later time the Finder “notice” that the file had actually been updated.
  • Fixed a bug whereby in some cases the files table would not have keyboard focus when a new files window was opened.
  • iGet does a better job of reporting unusual errors which may be encountered early in a connection (eg, because of permissions problems on the remote Mac).
  • iGet can now rename remote files which contain a slash (“/”) in their display name (the name shown by the Finder). There are, however, still a couple of issues relating to making iGet mimic the way the Finder allows this character to be in filenames. We plan to make iGet behave more like the Finder (in allowing files to appear to have a slash in their names) in a future release.
  • Fixed an interface issue where switching to search mode, then back to viewing the remote home directory, then back again to search mode all within the same window would cause the search UI to disappear.
  • Fixed an Intel-specific bug which could cause some sheets to appear at the wrong size.
  • Corrected a problem which could impede searching for remote files using the criteria “Flash On/Off”, “File Extension Hidden” and some similar properties whose values ​​are chosen via pop-up menu
  • Remote Spotlight searching is now smarter about interpreting dates in human terms. Searches like “within past week” now extend the search back to midnight of the first day within the date range, and always include the full 24 hours of the current day.
  • Several user interface enhancements to remote Spotlight searching.
  • Various other improvements to the user interface and documentation.

Version number 2.1
Operating systems macOS
Website Five Speed ​​Software
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