Software Update: Gentus Linux 3

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on this page of Abit you can read a press release about Gentus Linux 3. The most important innovation in the new version of this Linux distribution from Abit is the support for the 815 chipset. From the end of July there will be a Gentus Linux 3 CD with every Abit motherboard:

When ABIT Launched its Gentus™ distribution it made a commitment to keeping Linux, along with ABIT mainboards, at the very forefront of technology. Therefore, ABIT is releasing a new version of Gentus to deal with new hardware issues. This time around, Gentus 3 has added support for Intel’s brand-new 815 (“Solano”) chipset.

All advances made in previous Gentus versions have been retained. These include support for ATA/100/66 on earlier ABIT models, plus drivers for the Intel 810 chipset’s integrated sound, Creative’s Sound Blaster Live! series and nVIDIA chip-based graphics cards. ABIT’s PerMon™ Tool Set is included, with hardware monitoring functionality, “Hard Disk Tool” for HD monitoring and parameter adjustment, and “G-Point Explorer” for adjusting your CPU’s front side bus speed from your desktop. Moreover, the PerMon™ Tool Set has been completely rewritten to take care of any concerns over the Linux GPL.

ABIT will begin bundling Gentus 3 with its new mainboards by the end of July. It is also available for download from†[break]Thanks to snakewho passed this news on to us.

Version number 3
Operating systems Linux
Website Abit
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