Software Update: Emby 4.5.4

Version 4.5.4 of Emby Server has been released. This media server for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, macOS and various NAS devices can index and serve content to clients on the same machine, within the local network or over the Internet. Until version 3.6 it was open source, but is that no longer. Clients are available for the aforementioned operating systems, among others, but content can also be viewed on iOS, Android, various media players and Google TV, for example. The program is thus similar with Plex Media Server. The release notes since version 4.5 can be found below.

Emby Server 4.5.4 Released

Emby Server 4.5.4 is currently rolling out to address a few small issues with the previous release. Here are the highlights:

  • Fix regression in 4.5.3 causing slow browsing and search performance in certain situations
  • Fix regression in 4.5.2 causing incorrect items to be queued to conversion tasks
  • Fix Nvidia HEVC level detection

Emby Server 4.5.3 Released

Here are the highlights:

  • New Search Experience
    New search for mobile and desktop layouts. Improvements over previous search:
    • There’s now a Top Results section which provides a truly global search, something we didn’t have before
    • You can see all the different types of items that matched the search, and filter by type
    • The type categories are now ordered by search relevance, whereas previously they were just hard-coded
  • Download Subtitles During Video Playback
  • Add to Playlists and Collections with Drag and Drop

Other Improvements

  • Support clicking individual text items in list items
  • Support add to play queue with drag and drop
  • Support add to playlists and collections with drag and drop
  • Add profile checking for MP2Video hardware decoders
  • Improve subtitle track selection when always show subtitles is selected
  • Prevent ffmpeg hw processing of 10bit when device doesn’t support it
  • Add Nvidia NVDEC decoder variant for HEVC
  • VAAPI: Use color formats from detection
  • Improve detail screen backdrop display
  • Reduce messaging from server to android and iOS apps causing the app background processes to run
  • Show songs on artist detail screen
  • Support downloading subtitles during video playback
  • Update same time recording threshold to 15 minutes
  • Improve ability of other devices to discover emby server
  • New search interface for mobile and desktop
  • Add top results section to search
  • Improve searching for songs using album name
  • Expand artist split whitelist
  • Add http version to server log

Bug Fixes

  • Fix play all/shuffle on collections comprised of folders
  • Various fixes for codec level detection
  • Fix interlaced video being incorrectly stream copied with HLS
  • Fix remote play of playlists being sorted by name
  • Fix webp image support not being used in certain cases
  • Fix repeated subtitle downloads of .sub format
  • Fix undefined dlna display name
  • Fix channel logos intermittently disappearing while scrolling the guide in Firefox
  • Fix incorrect iOS scroll after canceling context menu
  • Fix artists added to collections not showing

Emby Server 4.5.2 Released

A new release of Emby Server is currently rolling out to address a few small issues with the 4.5 release. Here are the changes:

  • Resolve slow file read/write performance on Windows

Emby Server 4.5.1 Released

A new release of Emby Server is currently rolling out to address a few small issues with the 4.5 release. Here are the changes:

  • Resolve install failures on certain Synology NAS models
  • Fix include by tags feature returning incorrect content in certain situations
  • Fix SSL http2 errors on Windows 8 & 2012
  • Fix connection issues when used with HAProxy
  • Fix local network address detection causing virtual adapters to be preferred
  • Don’t try to schedule wakes when running as windows service
  • Fix audio podcast playback on mono-based platforms
  • Update MovieDb plugin to 1.3.7

Emby Server 4.5 Released


  • Subtitle Offset
    You can now adjust subtitle offsets directly in the web app video player.
  • Playback Speed
    You can now adjust playback speed directly in the web app video player.
  • New Install & Update Process for Synology
    Going forward, there is a new procedure for installing and updating Emby Server on Synology. Please follow the instructions on the download page of our website. This will bring the following benefits:
    • Built with .NET Core (no more mono runtime)
    • Improved support for hardware accelerated transcoding
    • Spk’s will be available for download and manual installation like other platforms
    • Spk’s for both the stable and beta releases will always be immediately available at the same time as other platforms.

Bugs Resolved

  • Fix Nvidia color conversion from mjpeg with yuvj422p
  • Fix Nvidia level calculation
  • Fix Live TV radio playback
  • Fix pageup/pagedown in Emby web app
  • Fix admin editing settings for other user
  • Fix transcoding or m4v files
  • Fix space bar during video playback with Vivaldi browser
  • Fix intermittent active recordings display problem
  • Fix multi-select refresh metadata
  • Fix automatic restart to avoid attempting to restart multiple times
  • Fix download jobs getting duplicated
  • Fix extras with multi-version movies
  • Fix adding playlist to a playlist
  • Fix season 0 items out of order
  • Fix manual metadata edits of movie extras being lost
  • Fix active sessions filter
  • Fix add to collections/playlists menu getting cut off in certain situations
  • Fix certain situations where an admin editing another user’s profile would not be able to see all options
  • Fix H264 preset configuration
  • Fix rotation of dynamic images
  • Fix crash when uploading jfjf user image
  • Fix India and Kazakhstan parental ratings
  • Fix the list of available parental rating choices in the metadata editor when the library metadata language differs from the server default
  • Fix HD Homerun with TVHeadend
  • Fix second theme song being played in foreground
  • Fix occasional errant scrollbar on video detail screen
  • Fix configuring series settings right after creating series
  • Fix query with AlternateMediaSources
  • Fix rare transcoding failures when media info is absent
  • Fix cinema mode with local trailers that don’t have a rating
  • Fix multi-select delete option not showing
  • Fix content type being lost for restored libraries
  • Fix videos that were split apart getting rejoined on next scan
  • Fix remote content (strm files) ignoring quality setting

Other Improvements

  • Support adjusting subtitle offset in web app video player
  • Support adjusting playback rate in web app video player
  • Update to .NET Core runtime 3.1.7
  • Re-activate http2 features
  • Improve scrolling performance in Live TV guide
  • Improve http server performance by consolidating layers of data flow
  • Improve database performance via index adjustments
  • Reduce database writes when saving new items and refreshing metadata
  • Improve conversion chances of downloaded txt format subtitles
  • Add mmal into ffmpeg builds for RPI
  • Handle multiple addresses in x-forwarded-for
  • Allow include tags to override parental rating restriction
  • Alac playback fixes
  • Opera browser playback fixes
  • API: require admin to get full server configuration
  • Improve image downloader presentation
  • Improve scrolling performance in Live TV guide
  • Support embedded creation_time in exif data for videos
  • API: Require admin rights to get all users list
  • API: Require admin rights to get list of detected hardware transcoders
  • Improve cleanup of missing episodes
  • Ignore unsupported subtitle formats when searching for downloads
  • Support other folder as alias to extras
  • Add au/ra artist exception
  • Support .aax audio files
  • Adjust backdrop image save file names
  • Support tags in people queries
  • Improve performance of adding to collections
  • Add audio language filters
  • Add subtitle language filters
  • Ignore @Recently-Snapshot for QNAP
  • Disable missing episodes for dvd and absolute order
  • Incorporate resume into Ends at display
  • Show music videos for artist
  • Add favorite channels
  • Improve codec selection when streaming with Edge browser
  • Minor freshening up of dark themes
  • rtsp fixes
  • Add green subtitle color option
  • Don’t download subtitles for disc placeholders
  • Improve Denmark rating options
  • Support yyyyMMdd episode by date format
  • Improve multi-version display names
  • Improve recovery from bad image urls
  • Allow left menu to be pinned as a sidebar
  • Allow left menu sections to be collapsible
  • Various fixes for adding items to playlists
  • Avoid duplicate terms in version display name
  • Support backdrops on list screen
  • Remove background overlay from context menus

Version number 4.5.4
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, BSD, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Emby
License type Paid