Software update: DVDInfoPro 3.55

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DVDInfoPro is a program developed by one Nic Wilson in Visual C++. This program can provide comprehensive information about CD and DVD burners, as well as the media that can be put into them. It can also perform speed tests and in some cases the bit setting of the DVD burner can be adjusted. A few days ago, version 3.55 of this program was released and it is available from here are downloaded.

The program displays a static advertisement, but does not fetch advertisements from the Internet or send any information. This version will work until April 25. That is not so much a limitation, but more to ensure that people do not work with an out-of-date version. The complete revision history is here but these are the changes of the last three versions:


  • Fixed graphics error.


  • Re-arranged features on main view so read/write features list are in same position.
  • Fixed wrong media type being shown for DVD-RDL
  • Fixed Complete Media Code not working for DVD-RDL
  • Added a speed option to NEC Pi/Po scanning.


  • We welcome Sonic and Roxio to the DVDInfoPro team.
  • Added Pi/Pif Scanning for NEC 3500 drives. NOTE: FW 2R8 is required.
  • Minor corrections and fixes as reported by users.
  • Fixed a crash if the about window was left open at launch time.
  • Changed adverts so they won’t change during time-critical code areas.
  • Fixed a problem with UDF V1.50 display, because of the strange way UDF stores this.

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Version number 3.55
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website DVD Recordable
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License type Shareware