Software update: DOSBox 0.72

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Version 0.72 of DOSBox has just been released. This program is written in C/C++ and emulates a full DOS environment that has a 286 or 386 CPU in both real mode and protected mode. Furthermore, it emulates the directory filesystem, xms, ems, graphics from Tandy to VESA, and a SoundBlaster or Gravis Ultra sound card. This gives you a perfect environment for ‘old’ DOS games that you still have on the shelf. DOSBox is available for OS/2, BeOS, and various Linux distributions, among others, but at the moment only the versions for Windows and Mac OS X updated to version 0.72. The changelog for this release looks like this:

Changes in version 0.72:

  • Fixed unitialized variable in joystick. (Fixes crashes on Vista and Mac OS X)
  • Some bug fixes and speedups to the 64 bit recompiling core.
  • Fixed sign flag on soundblaster dma transfers (Space Quest 6 intro)
  • Fixed a bug in keyboard layout processing code and fixed certain layouts.
  • Fixed dream web.
  • Improved speed unlocking when running cycles=max.
  • Fixed a crash related to the tab completion in the shell.
  • Improved aspect correction code. Should now be like how a real monitor handles it.
  • Fixed a bug in the xms status report code. (Blake Stone 1.0 shareware)
  • Added a lot more keyboard layouts.
  • Fix crash related to changing the scaler before a screen was created.
  • Hopefully fixed compilation on *bsd.
  • Enabled auto cpu core selection for recompiling core as well.
  • Made the used joystick selectable when 4axis is specified.
  • Added some hints for inexperienced DOS users to the shell.

[break]The following downloads are available:
DOSBox 0.72 for Windows
DOSBox 0.72 for Mac OS X
DOSBox 0.72 source code[break]

Version number 0.72
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, macOS, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista
Website DOSBox
File size


License type GPL
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