Software update: Domoticz 2022.2

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Domoticz is a versatile application that is aimed at serving as a home automation controller for controlling and reading components. It can run on a Raspberry Pi, for example, but can also be deployed on Linux or Windows machines. Domoticz can be used with, for example, light switches, various sensors, LED lamps, security equipment and many other home automation hardware. In addition, Domoticz can handle various widely supported protocols, including z-wave based on the open source open zwave library and EnOcean. See our own Forum for more information. The changelog for version 2022.2 looks like this:


  • Blockly, added ‘Toggle’ set command
  • Camera, camera Aspect Ratio
  • Commandline option ‘-weblog ‘ which creates Apache Combined Logformat logs containg all werequests
  • Counters, support for larger counter values/usage
  • Dashboard, temperature Trend indication
  • Docker startup script (for instance to install additional packages)
  • EcoDevices, complete support for EcoDevices RT2 with firmware 3.00.xx
  • FritzBox, more statistics
  • Fritzbox, upload/download statistics
  • MQTT Auto Discovery Protocol (Zigbee2MQTT/ Z-Wave JS UI)
  • P1 Meter, added Current L1/L2/L3 sensor for delivered
  • Philips Hue, support color change on some vendors bulb (like LIDL)
  • RFXCom, added internal support for Novy Mood, Level Sensor
  • SolarEdge, more sensors support
  • UVI device, added multiply field to widget
  • Xiaomi Gateway, new model for wired single key switch


  • Mercedes EV, new Token URL (changed November 2022)


  • All inverted Blinds types should not be used anymore, instead use the regular blinds and set the needed Reverse option
  • Blinds working (see
  • Energy devices have more precision
  • kWh devices MAX Power per phase from 10000 to 18400 (230V*80A)
  • P1 Meter, changed P1 Max W from 17250 (25A) to 55200 (80A)
  • P1 Meter, speed up CRC calculation
  • Web server, removing AppCache, switching to service worker


  • Blockly, keeping last dim level when switching OFF, option for Close state
  • Counter incremental, counter in report (when used with meter offset)
  • Counter short term log 1 hour offset
  • Counters, rounding (number of decimals) in GUI
  • Crash when secure webserver could not start and applying settings
  • Dimmer, better handling of last dimmer level when switching on/off
  • EvoHome, correct state/mode for EvoHome type
  • Floorplan, custom utility icons corrected in Floorplan
  • Floor plan, fixed blinds state icon/switching
  • Floorplan, making sure the Door Lock is switchable in the Floorplan
  • Floor plans, fixed issues with the display of some icons
  • Notification system, prevent double start
  • P1 Meter, fix for Sibelga smart meters that use a too long string as an identifier
  • RFXCom, corrected RFXCom solar sensor reading
  • Temperature, corrected chill calculation
  • WebGUI, making sure status does not wrap in mobile mode


  • AppCache


  • OpenZWave, please move to MQTT Auto Discovery and ZWave JS UI (Project stopped a long time ago!)

Version number 2022.2
Release status Final
Operating systems Scripting language, Windows 7, Linux, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website Domoticz
License type GPL