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Deepin is a Linux distribution that is based in China, but is also deployed and maintained outside of China. It is based on Debian, and focuses on providing a clean and easy-to-use environment. It contains its own Deepin Desktop Environment, which uses the Qt5 toolkit. The changelog for version 20.7 shows the following changes and improvements:

New Features and Improvements


  • Updated the lTS kernel to V5.15.45 by following the upstream.
  • Added the HWE 5.18 kernel to be compatible with more devices.

Control Centre

  • Added the internal test entry in Control Center, by which you can switch** **on the slider to join the internal test.
  • Optimized the usage logic of input methods and keyboard layouts to make them better meet the usage habits of both Chinese users and overseas users.
  • Added more formats for short dates.
  • Added the effect when an app was right clicked in the launcher.


  • Added the settings for the “First day of week” – Sunday or Monday, effective in the daily view and the yearly view.
  • Added support for creating new events by dragging and dropping a specific date on the right pane in the daily view.
  • Optimized the window’s default size and minimum size.
  • Optimized the display logic of red dots on gray dates in the annual view.
  • Optimized the UI effect when clicking on a specific date in the annual view.


  • Added support for saving videos in MP4.


  • Optimized the window minimum size to 630*300 pixels.

Screen Capture

  • Disabled the text tool, options menu, scrolling screenshots, extracting text, pinning screenshots, and screen recording on the lock screen.


  • Added the calendar, supporting event management and sync.
  • Added support for batch importing CSV files.
  • Added the recipient prediction function.
  • Added the settings for the default font style for composing emails.
  • Added more functions for the graphic editing and style configuration of the rich text editor.
  • Added phishing reminders for some corporate mailboxes.
  • Added the drag and drop interaction for importing and exporting contacts, and optimized field mapping of vcf files.
  • Optimized the layout and display of the email body.
  • Optimized the deletion interaction of mailboxes.
  • Optimized the logic of loading emails.


  • Added Google Translate in the context menu for translating English websites.
  • Added the entries – New Window and New Incognito Window, if right-clicking the browser icon in the dock.
  • Optimized the rounded corners and tab bar height.

Grand Search

  • Auto changes the default search engine according to system languages.
  • The default search engine can be configured according to user needs.
  • The “More” button of a category under search results can be triggered by the Enter key.


  • Added support for Qt6.
  • The nvidia-vaapi-driver library is integrated, supporting enabling nvidia vaapi hard decoding for Firefox browser.
  • Biometric authentication supports more Goodix fingerprint scanners.

Bug fixes


  • Fixed: UI issues on some devices.


  • Fixed: on some devices, when a song directory was added, all songs in other directories at the same level were also added.


  • Fixed: when a terminal window was at a position across two screens in the dual-screen mode, pressed Ctrl+Shift+? to call out the shortcut windows, their positions were different each time.


  • Fixed: if a USB flash drive was formatted into vfat, in the next disk format process, its format was displayed as ext3.
  • Fixed: after right-clicking multiple folders and opening them with File Manager, Package Installer popped up instead of File Manager.
  • Fixed: after searching for non-existing files in the FTP server, and returning back to the upper-level directory, it was displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed: when “Show file system on disk icon” was checked or unchecked in Settings, it did not take effect immediately.
  • Fixed: folders permanently deleted were not completely deleted and no error message was shown.
  • Fixed: the transfer progress for sending large files from smb servers was displayed abnormally.


  • Fixed: when audio files were played, the default volume was low
  • Fixed: the video could not be played if the video name contained {}


  • Fixed: the refreshing effect was displayed incorrectly if clicking “Retry” after the extension installation failed.
  • Fixed: some videos on webpages cannot be played and failed to load the NetEase mailbox webpage.
  • Fixed: the background changes in one window were not synced to another opening window.


  • Fixed: the long event name was not displayed completely in the text box when a new event was created.

Screen Capture

  • Fixed: the text recognition accuracy was low if there was no large blank space around the image.


  • Fixed: the memory usage kept increasing which resulted in memory leakage in the process of switching and viewing images.


  • Fixed: UI text issues.
  • Fixed: if the system language was Spanish or Polish, the app page was displayed incorrectly when App Store was minimized.

Control Centre

  • Changed the text in the advanced settings of input methods.
  • Fixed: the input methods’ third-level settings cannot be searched for in the search box of Control Center.
  • Fixed: there was a prompt box of input methods during system upgrades on some devices.
  • Fixed: the input method was selected incorrectly if right-clicking the input method icon when it did not get focus.


  • Fixed: the blurred screen occurred in the Dock of the devices with Radeon graphics cards.
  • Fixed: after closing multiple windows continuously, the window crashed, and the window effect cannot be enabled again after turning it off.
  • Fixed security vulnerabilities to improve system security.
  • Fixed: failed to wake up WINE applications on some devices by clicking the tray icons if the display was scaled.
  • Updated qemu to solve the running failure of docker-desktop.
  • Updated flatpak to solve the problem that flatpak apps were displayed abnormally in the Dock.
  • Updated powertop to fix the issue that some devices could not run properly.

Version number 20.7
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux
Website Deepin
License type Prerequisites (GNU/BSD/etc.)
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