Software Update: Damn Small Linux 1.0 RC1

Damn Small Linux is a bootable Linux live CD based on Knoppix and Debian. The operating system comes with a media player, word processor, web server software, internet applications and a bunch of other programs† It is also possible to use Damn Small Linux as a desktop OS. Keeper of the Keys informed us that the first release candidate of Damn Small Linux 1.0 is available for download. This release is here as an iso file and comes with the following changelog:

1. New MyDSL gui for downloading and saving extensions
2. New Rdesktop gui, icon, and menu item
3. New UCI now supports unloading of icon and menu items
4. New boot time option for persistent home and/or opt
5. New default theme, icons, and font.
6. Improved icon and menu control
7. Improved adding users to liveCD
8. Improved xsetup for better serial mouse support and keyboard selection
9. Improved mydsl-load now supports direct downloading and verifying checksum from specified library
10. Improved MS Word Viewer with convert to PDF or PS
11. Improved pppdial to display ppp0 net activity in wmnet
12. Documentation project added to Getting Started doc
12. Make MyDSL (simplified remaster) added to menu
13. fixed mc root issue
14. fixed ntfs mount issue
15. Many unused files and directories were eliminated[break]*clique*

Version number 1.0 RC1
Operating systems Linux
Website Damn Small Linux
file size


License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)