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Clonezilla is an open source program for creating disk images. Among other things, it is possible to make backups of partitions or of the entire hard disk, or a copy of a hard disk: a so-called clone. Clonezilla is therefore an open source variant of Macrium Reflect and Acronis True Image. The whole thing is based on a Debian distribution and it uses DRBL, Partclone and udpcast. Clonezilla live is intended for standalone computers, while Clonezilla server and SE up to 40 computers can be imaged simultaneously. With version number 2.7.1-22 a new stable release of Clonezilla has been released and the changelog of the last few versions looks like this:

Enhancements and changes from 2.7.0-10

  • The underlying GNU/Linux operating system was upgraded. This release is based on the Debian Sid repository (as of 2021/Jan/27).
  • Linux kernel was updated to 5.10.9-1.
  • Include exfatprogs instead of exfat-utils.
  • Include package glances, ipv6calc, atop, usbtop, bashtop, python3-psutil, vnstat and iperf3.
  • Add package f3 in Clonezilla/DRBL/GParted live. Thanks to timgmooney at hotmail com for this suggestion.
  • ocs-sr: make –rescue work for ocs-onthefly to call ocs-sr. Thanks to huh for reporting this issue.
  • prep-ocsroot: add an option to fsck repository file system before mounting local one. Thanks to Bohdan for this idea.
  • Better mechanism to find LIVE_MEDIA in function get_live_media_mnt_point of ocs-functions. This allows persistence in the live-boot to work with Clonezilla live. Thanks to Bohdan for asking persistence feature.
  • ocs-sr: Support customized auto-gen image name. Key name: productname, FQDN, UUID, MAC, year, date, time (case insensitive). It can be any combination, just make beginning with “autoname-“. If key name is not any one of the above, it will be shown as itself. Eg, autoname-fox-year-date-time-uuid -> fox-2020-1227-2336-564d41fc-9d80-20ac-c844-bda6a392d4c6
  • ocs-sr: support more time-related format for “autoname-“: Four new key names: month, day, hour, minute (case insensitive), eg, autoname-tiger-month-day-year-hour-minute -> tiger-12-31-2020-23-15. In addition, datefmt_* can be used to assign the format from “date” command. Eg, autoname-fox-datefmt_%Y%m%d -> fox-20210109 autoname-fox-datefmt_%Y-datefmt_%m%d -> fox-2021-0109
  • Add support for scheme about samba_server with version assigned as: smb1, smb1.0, smb2, smb2.0, smb2.1, smb3, smb3.0, smb3.11, and smb3.1.1. in ocs-live-repository so that the cifs version can be assigned. Thanks to ottokang for this idea.
  • Improve the support for Linux software RAID. Allow something lie /dev/md126 can be a partition, too. Thanks to Jorge Fábregas (jorge.fabregas at gmail com) for asking and testing.
  • Add language setting (en_US) in grub.cfg.
  • Change the date-time format for auto*name as like my-2020-1220-0221-img, was my-2020-12-20-0221-img.
  • Show file system and partition size in the TUI when listing partitions in restoreparts.
  • Language file es_ES was updated. Thanks to Juan Ramon Martinez.
  • Package ezio instead of ezio-static is used since it can depend on different versions of libtorrent. It was updated to version 1.1.11. An issue about uploading too early was fixed.
  • Reduce ezio_cache_ratio from 0.7 to 0.5 in drbl-ocs.conf.
  • The devices to be deployed by BT mode will be run together. No more one device by another device.
  • Add leecher mode (-l|–for-leecher) in ocs-btsrv.
  • As suggested by ottokang _at gmail com and, noatime implies nodiratime. Therefore remove nodiratime in the option of mount command.
  • ocs-sr: destination disk can be assigned by serialno when restoring.
  • ocs-onthefly: source and destination device can be assigned by serialno.
  • The serial no of disk device is now in the short format, not the long one from udevadm. Thanks to LinuxOpa for clarifying this.
  • When ocs-sr is in saving mode, the DEVICE name can also be assigned by: For disk: PTUUID or SERIALNO, eg, PTUUID=03c8b280-47aa-4881-aca5-9b9c66fe28c7. If there are spaces in SERIALNO, replace every space by “_”. For partition: UUID or PARTUUID, eg, UUID=0b51ce79-7bc0-4111-8a40-839461a9b12f”… read more

Version number 2.7.1-22
Release status Final
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License type GPL
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