Software update: ClarkConnect 3.0 beta 3

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Point Clark Networks recently released the third beta version of their ClarkConnect 3.0 software package. This is a complete operating system that can turn any normal PC into a dedicated gateway and easy-to-use server. All the usual features are included, such as a firewall, intrustion detection system, Apache web server with CGI, PHP and SSL support, file server with FTP, Windows and AppleShare, mail server with POP, IMAP and SMTP, built-in web proxy filter, print server with Samba support and of course DHCP and DNS services. Beta 3 of ClarkConnect 3.0 is here download and comes with the following release notes

We’re calling this the “Beta 3” release. There are still a few known issues:

  • Some reports are unavailable (Snort and Web)
  • Some upgrade issues still exist (the firewall is the major one)
  • Bug fixes to the bandwidth manager were not added to this build

The PPTP and Megaraid driver issues with the kernel were resolved. Unless we find major issues with the latest kernel build (, then it will be the final release kernel.

A note to PPTP users: you can not use the PPTP server and NAT PPTP connections at the same time. In other words, PPTP connections originating from your LAN will not work if you have the PPTP server running. In the ClarkConnect 2.x releases, you can get away with both at the same time (though it causes connections to drop much more frequently).

Version number 3.0 beta 3
Website ClarkConnect
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License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)