Software Update: BitComet 1.13

Version 1.13 of BitComet was released on Monday. This BitTorrent client has support for dht, downloading torrents without a tracker and being able to preview a part of a movie that is not yet fully downloaded. It is also possible to create and seed a torrent yourself. In addition, IP addresses can be banned and you can chat with other BitComet users. Below you will find everything that has changed since version 1.11:

GUI Improved:

  • Add “Uploading” queue to the left fav bar
  • BT task file list in properties dialog and right-bottom pane changes to tree list for directory structure
  • BT task file list in properties dialog and right-bottom pane support sorting
  • Add new commands to context menu of BT task file list: expand/collapse folders
  • Add check box to BT task file list pane for each file and folder, to switch download it or not
  • Add connection status icon for each peer in BT task peer list
  • Add “new peer” command to context menu or BT task peer list
  • BT task peer list displays prompt string when frozen by ScrollLock
  • Support only export selected tasks into backup file
  • Support import tasks from backup file and merge them into task list
  • Select whether import global program settings while import tasks from backup file
  • Language list in Tools menu changes to a 2-level sub menu
  • Add loading page to task content, Snapshot, Comment and Recommend pane
  • Do not clear rate graph in floating window when stop all tasks
  • Do not show the message of missing BitCometAgent.dll when program start
  • Optimize reconnect time after Comet Passport sign in failed
  • Add support for several new languages ​​(see langHowTo-Translate.txt)
  • Remove torrent share list in simplified Chinese version

GUI Bug Fix:

  • When open a GB2312 encoding torrent file in traditional Chinese Windows, the task name and publish info displays incorrectly after change character encoding
  • TCP, UDP mode setting or Long-Time seeding in advanced options can not be saved
  • Restore the torrent archive list which removed in v1.12
  • If select none of files in BT task to download, the task progress will display incorrectly when program start next time

Core Improve:

  • Improve taskname.piece_part.bc! file structure, which used to save file boundary data for BT task, therefore decreased memory usage
  • BT task Anti-Leech setting changes to three levels: “disable”, “”auto”, “strict”
  • Improve network modular code, avoid program losing response when download in high speed
  • Add disk cache for UDP Long-Time seeding, 50MB max
  • Set the thread priority of UDP Long-Time seeding below normal

Core Bug Fix:

  • Memory leak in UDP uploading modular or Long-Time seeding
  • Too many memory and CPU used when Long-Time seeding in high speed using UDP

Version number 1.13
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista
Website BitComet
File size 5.56MB
License type Freeware