Software update: BearShare 4.8.0 beta 40

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BearShare is a p2p exchange program that uses the Gnutella network. This network is used by many programs to exchange files, which means that the offer is very diverse. The development team is still busy developing version 4.8.0 as you can see with this 40th beta version. The changelog since the last entry in the junk tracker looks like this:

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 40
[EH] Ignore incoming metadata that doesn’t match the file’s type.
[JQ] Add Firewalled Alt loc into download
[EH] Protect user privacy by removing the “Scan for folders” functionality.
[EH] Setup -> Downloads allows user to set min free disk space cutoff as high as 1/10 of their hard drive space, or 5Gb, whichever is greater.
[AM] FIXED premature expiration of Dynamic Queries by Hash
[DM] Added AIFF and MPEG4 metadata parsing.
[EH] FIXED Library list did not resort after Hit, Request, Upload, or alt-loc updates.
[EH] Sorting library file list by uploads will fall back to requests and hits if equivalent. Sorting by requests will fall back to hits. Similar to old library behavior.
[TQ] Discarded mis-match meta-data in the query hits parsing.
[TQ] Fixed :The main windows cannot restore its saved locations and size because of the tip of the day dialog.
[TQ] Made the tip of the day dialog popping out after the wizard dialog for freshly installed user

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 39
[EH] Library optimizations. Cut memory usage. Fix some cross thread issues.
[EH] FIXED Mysterious crashes caused by thread-unsafe operations: computing file keywords and processing incoming query simultaneously.
[EH] FIXED Memory not being freed when rebuilding library search indexes.
[EH] Library remembers that an extension has been unshared, even if all files of that type are removed from the library. Also remove default unshared ext list.
[AM] Ignore GGEP Query Hits Alt Locs when downloading the Installer
[TQ] Improved the “tip of the day” dialog to support hyperlink.
[DM] Moved iTunes setup from its own tab to the bottom of the ‘Options’ tab.

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 38
[JQ] FIXED Crash when sort by GUID with no source download
[TQ] Improved the Search Panel Filter.
[TQ] Modified “Tip of the Day” dialog.
[AM] Improved source count management

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 37
[JQ] FIXED Crash when insert first search into back of the Queue
[JQ] Improve Movie download performance

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 36
[JQ] FIXED Theater Resize in VS2003
[AM] FIXED infinite loop when restarting after deleting connect.txt
[JQ] ADD Control UDP Bandwidth
[TQ] Added chat notification dialog. Chat is enabled by default now.
[TQ] Modified the new product upgrade dialog.
[AM,JQ] Enhanced name of installer for signalled in-network updates
[AM] FIXED crash when reading corrupted .dat file
[AM] Format numbers with commas in Upload LED
[EH] Slight library memory usage improvements
[DM] Added metadata for WAV files.
[AM] Nicer formatting or Tip of the Day text
[EH] Visually unshare all files in library when sharing is disabled.

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 35
[JQ] ADD Search progress bar
[JQ] FIXED Bandwidth bar not displaying properly when download from webserver.
[AM] FIXED Ultrapeer Promotion bug: use previously saved ‘firewalled’ setting during UP-Capability testing (instead of requiring testing first)
[AM] FIXED initialization of session counter to 1 instead of zero
[AM] FIXED Uptime and Connected Time counters stuck at 1s during first session
[AM] FIXED always had to wait until the 3rd session before promoting to UP
[EH] FIXED Files unshared by extension were placed into “Shared Files” group on startup.
[EH] FIXED Wrong icon displayed in file lists.
[TQ] Added Tip of the Day Dialog.
[EH] Drag and drop files to and from the library.
[EH] Store MP3 metadata year in library.
[EH] Copy “Program Failure” error messages to clipboard after user acknowledgment.
[AM,JQ] FIXED Downloads perpetually retrying hostile sources

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 34
[JQ] FIXED GParseQueryHits drop hits when it contains char large than 127
[AM] Better Console message for reporting UP-Capable Leaf mode
[EH] Icons and thumbnails in library details pane. Click to launch file.
[EH] Library can share and unshare by file name extension, in addition to file name and directory.
[EH] Library “By Extension” will now be all lower case, and the empty extension will be labeled “(NONE)”.
[EH] Add “Personal Files” functionality where sensitive extensions will be unshared by default when newly created. (Current list handles MS Money, TurboTax and Tax Cut. Full list of exts is to be determined.)

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 33
[JQ] Adjust IP addresses in the Pulse section of Stats View to display more than 1000 IP addresses
[AM] Display “Leaf (UP-Capable)” in Network LED balloon when appropriate
[EH] Every minute, when checking Library folder integrity, only start a new DB transaction if something actually changed.
[DM] Added playlist support to iTunes COM integration.
[TQ] Added Search Saving Functionality.
[AM] Added verbose Mode Logic Console messages to help diagnose why UP-Capable nodes are not being promoted to Ultrapeers

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 32
[EH] Close download stream after notification. Add some diagnostic console entries.
[EH, AM, JQ] FIXED problem state
[AM] Only report TCP Non-Firewalled state when changing from another state
[EH] Save hidden state or “Details” pane in library.
[EH] Ensure db directory is created before trying to load library DB.

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 31
[JQ] Report Correct info when drop GIV due to no slot left.
[JQ] Attempt to further debug “problem” state
[AM] Removed debugging code introduced to track Host connection problems
[EH] FIXED possible crash when deleting or moving a large number of files.
[EH] Tentatively allow downloads to download from sources which return a trailing space (‘ ‘) character at the end of X-Gnutella-Content-URN header.
[EH] Improve general error reporting.

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 30
[EH] Only pass new files in downloads directory to iTunes.
[JQ] FIXED Wrong Stream Status in CDownloadList.
[EH] Couple of small assertion/crash fixes.
[EH] Additional info in download console messages on some errors.

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 29
[EH] Stream state diagnostics.
[EH] FIXED a memory leak and/or crash on shutdown.
[TQ] Add Meta-Data advanced search.
[JQ] Extend statusHTTPDerr into 24 status.
[JQ] For Debug “Problem state” Rollback active streams limits for non modem mode
[EH] Library pauses hashing files if results get backlogged.
[EH] Attempt to end library thread faster.

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 28
[AM] FIXED F2F Upload bug introduced in beta 23
[JQ] ADD create Installer process after bearshare almost exit.
[JQ] ADD in-network-updates will delete old installer exe when it gets new signal.
[EH] Library error handling.
[TQ] Add Meta-Data XML in Query hits.
[EH] Reporting library file changes.

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 27
[DM] Moved iTunes COM integration out of the core. Now ENABLED by default. Users will have to go into iTunes under Setup and disable it even if they had it disabled before; because it is being handled by a new module which will not read the old module’s (DaapServer) INI file settings.
[JQ] ADD suppress sending/forwarding Sha-1 queries to limewire
[JQ] ADD Handshaking header “X-Requeries: falsern” reqired by limewire
[JQ] ADD Sending Sha-1 query by Multicast
[AM] Suppress authenticated “padlock” icon unless Secure Channels is activated
[EH] Library diagnostics.

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 26
[JQ] FIXED another crash when exit bearshare with stream leak
[EH] FIXED On startup, hide “Duplicate Files” group if there are no duplicate files.
[EH] Allow manual library rehash on files that failed hashing.
[EH] FIXED Unchecked error in stats.

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 25
[JQ] Update active stream setting for debugging “problem state”.
[JQ] Add console message and tiger root verification in the in-network-updates
[EH] Load library incrementally, providing more frequent UI updates. Takes just as long to complete, but library becomes usable sooner.
[EH] Improved robustness of system error handling and checking.
[EH] Hide “Duplicate Files” group if there are no duplicate files.

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 24
[JQ] ADD In-network-updates will update default install dir to be the same as current running Bearshare when more than one bearsahre installed.
[JQ] FIXED crash when creat socket failed in TCP Stream
[EH] Interpret Copyright metadata from OGG and MP3 files – used by Creative Commons.
[EH JQ] FIXED crash when library has more than one file with same SHA1, and at least one is not shared.
[AM] Ignore incoming UDP messages when we are stopping
[EH] Improve error reporting in library hasher (and other places).
[EH] FIXED Download streams per file limit was being clipped too low.
[AM] Downloads with Tiger Trees only color the Progress *percentage* green; all other Progress values ​​(like Active and Queued) stay black
[EH] Manual library rehash context menu function. (Beta only?)

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 23
[JQ] ADD In-network updates auto download name change from BSInstall.exe to more meaningful name.
[JQ] FIXED crash when bearshare exit with leak stream
[JQ] Display detail information for problem state stream.
[JQ ED] Move In-Network-Update file into installer dir instead of my downloads dir
[EH] Prevent library watcher from enumerating or sharing downloads temp dir if it is in library.

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 22
[JQ] FIXED crash when pass a not null terminate string to DStringf::xtrcpy
[JQ] Add New stats 0x5112( replace old 0x5111 )
[EH] Again improved general error handling and diagnostics.
[EH] Prevent search results toolbar from wrapping by hiding browser controls if window is too small. Also hide the Print button.

Version number 4.8.0 beta 40
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website BearShare Labs
File size


License type adware