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BearShare is a p2p exchange program that uses the Gnutella network. This network is used by many programs to exchange files, which means that the offer is very diverse. After version 4.7.0 was released at the beginning of this month, the twenty-first beta version has already arrived. The full version number has therefore arrived at 4.8.0 beta 21 and has the following changelog:

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 21
[JQ] Removed old Download by size per second stats, to be replaced with better strategy.
[JQ] Exit BearShare when user upgrades to latest in-network version.
[EH] Improved general error handling and diagnostics.
[TQ] Modified new product upgrade dialog.
[TQ] Improved to make sure all the meta-data panels are visible initially. The three panels are set as “Album”, “Artist” and “Genre” by default.
[DM] Added new iTunes COM integration feature. If enabled, BearShare will add any downloaded songs to iTunes.

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 20
[EH] Extraneous labels in Setup Wizard Connection page removed.
[EH] Color unshared files and dirs gray in library.
[JQ] FIXED too much tiger hash computation block download and upload
[EH] Hide browser navigation buttons for Featured Artists page on search results toolbar when a search is being displayed.
[EH] Disable “Sharing” context menu item for unhashed files.

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 19
[SD] Continue testing of certain settings which may be preventing the application from running for certain users.

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 18
[SD] Project settings change

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 17
[TQ] Added Meta-Data panels to Search Results

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 16
[EH] Some Library fields should sort descending by default.
[EH] FIXED Off-by-one error in Library file list dealing with metadata-related fields.
[EH] Library: Display “(removing)” after name of removed objects until the GUI updates finish. Should only be relevant on very long operations.
[EH] Create a directory with the same Sharing and Keywords flags as its parent.
[AM] Protected shared data with synchronization lock when signaling CORE->GUI
[AM] FIXED handling of bad versions in Push Proxy Request Vendor Messages

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 15
[AM] Polished layout in Setup->Connection some more

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 14
[JQ] FIXED passing SHA-1 in in-network updates

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 13
[AM] Polished layout in Setup->Connection

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 12
[JQ] Mitigate 4.7 signal bug for in-network-updates, so beta 10 and beta 11 can’t receive signal from beta12, but all version below 10 and above 11 will get correct signal.

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 11
[JQ] Stats View show UDP download and upload speed. And Combine UDP stats with TCP stats in everywhere in the GUI
[JQ, EH] FIXED Crash in GUpload::ProcessRequestBrowseHost
[EH] FIXED timing issue with PFS uploads prevents the user from canceling the corresponding download.
[AM] Upload Response column shows bytes transferred / bytes requested for closed Uploads
[EH] FIXED Library file list crash on some double-click events. Bad index check.
[EH] FIXED Library details crash renaming a file in some situations.
[EH] Change Library sharing rules to be like Legacy Library. (Import will copy file flags, but they will be lost if file is not hashed before exit.)
[EH] Minor bug fixes in Library file list during file operations.

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 10
[JQ] ADD In-Network-Updates: new version of BearShare will be downloaded automaticlly by Gnutella. We will send signal for beta upgrade after beat version
[AM] FIXED crash referencing free memory
[EH] Added full path names to a couple of library console messages.
[EH] FIXED Library file list selections were lost on all updates. Should only be lost when changing group or directory.
[EH] FIXED Library details pane did not always update correctly when file list changed, especially during some updates.
[EH] Diagnostics for file transfer encryption/authentication problem.

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 9
[JQ] Tiger Tree Downloads are invisible, but download with verified tiger tree will Display Progress Map %progress in Green
[EH] Reordered console.log output fields.
[EH] Fixed crash removing library folder through right-click / Remove
[EH] Fixed crash sorting Downloads by GUID when Tiger Tree d/ls are visible
[EH] Fixed controlled crash at GLibraryViewGrps.cpp line 421 if no library group selected on exit
[EH] Keep track of number of files and total file size in library tree

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 8
[YS] The resources section in statistics view is redesigned and implemented.
[EH] FIXED Search results toolbar will always have correct height.
[EH] FIXED Eliminate duplicate directories from library “My Folders” tree, primarily on import from Legacy Library.
[EH] FIXED Downloads would not flag as “Gone” when file was deleted.
[AM] FIXED Upload crash due to unprotected multithread data access

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 7
[AM] Tiger Tree Downloads are visible (for debugging)

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 6
[AM] Blacklisted for resolving to
[YS] Fixed Don’t show file icons if the show file icons option is turned off. (Setup / Options / Show File Icons).
[YS] Fixed Searches pops up a window to inform the user that he/she is trying to download a file already in the library.

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 5
[EH] FIXED Downloads LED no longer flashes red when a Download goes into state “Gone”
[AM,JQ] Stop auto-reconnecting to clients from Reserved Uploads, especially when they have sent an explicit TCP Shutdown

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 4
[EH] Remove Library2-related menu items.
[EH] Display browser navigation buttons for Featured Artists page on search results toolbar.

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 3
[JQ] FIXED Stop sending zero hits by UDP OOB.
[JQ] FIXED Another push from some host cause existing upload get 503 busy(For bearshare only)
[EH] Add “Refine” icon to Searches pane context menu.
[EH] Add new disabled browse host icon to Results pane toolbar.
[YS] console report (warning message) to identify user agent when receiving a query with invalid address embedded in GUID field.

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 2
[EH] FIXED resource collision caused new chat icon to appear in searches context menu for “Refine Search”.
[AM] Purged old Leaf-UP Chat system
[JQ] ADD Browser push hosts and download at the same time. Fix potential crash in GUpload::IsAuthenticated and GUpload::IsAuthenticat
[YS] Response query hits by TCP to a query request if the query indicates OOB hits are requested but the query contains an invalid address in the GUID.

BearShare 4.8.0 beta 1
[JQ] FIXED UdpLogic::Send() should not send data when we close the bearshare
[JQ] FIXED UdpStream Handle timeout situation in a wrong way when queued
[AM] FIXED Download failure to prefer local multicast sources
[EH] Sorting downloads list by “Status” will put “Queued” between “Transferring” and “Active”.
[EH] FIXED sorting by “Origin” column in hosts list works.
[EH] Sorting searches list by “Keyword” will sort Browse Host searches numerically by IP or alphabetically by hostname, keeping them separated from Keyword searches.
[EH] Enable new library (Library2) for most library functionality.
[EH] Import new icons for Browse Host, Chat, and secure channels.
[EH] FIXED minor reporting error in upload mesh processing alt-loc demotions
[AM] FIXED chatability record keeping in Download cache host
[AM] FIXED suppression of chat icon in Search Results and Downloads when server is firewalled
[YS] FIXED advertising wrong IP:Port in F2F-enabled server Query Hits
[YS] Ignore Query Hits with invalid source address
[YS] Ignored UDP pong with invalid source address.
[AM] Centralized logic for advertising Chat capability
[EH] FIXED uploads list shows correct SHA1 value for Tiger Tree uploads.[break]Note that the standard version has adware on board, such as SaveNow and WhenU.

Version number 4.8.0 beta 21
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website BearShare Labs
File size


License type adware
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