Software update: balenaEtcher 1.5.100

Version 1.5.100 of balenaEtcher has been released. With this open source and cross platform program, OS images can be flashed to memory cards or USB sticks in a simple and safe way. In the selection screen it only shows memory cards or USB sticks, so that a hard disk partition is never accidentally overwritten, and afterwards the write action can be validated. Furthermore, it is also possible to write an image to multiple devices at the same time. The changelog since version 1.5.89 looks like this.

Changes in version 1.5.100:

  • Update partition info to 5.3.5
  • Add .vhd to the list of supported extensions, allow opening any file
  • Update mocha to v8.0.1
  • Update electron-notarize to v1.0.0
  • Update electron to v9.0.4
  • Update etcher-sdk to v4.1.15
  • Sticky header in target selection table
  • Update rendition to 15.2.1
  • Fix source selector image height
  • Update rendition to v15.0.0
  • Merge unsafe mode with new target selector
  • Rework target selector modal

Changes in version 1.5.99:

  • Update node-raspberrypi-usbboot to 0.2.8
  • Update electron to 9.0.3
  • Inline all svgs

Changes in version 1.5.98:

  • Use between 2 and 256MiB for buffering depending on the number of drives
  • Check that argument is an url or a regular file before opening
  • Update etcher-sdk to ^4.1.13

Changes in version 1.5.97:

  • Update electron to v9.0.2
  • Fix flash from url on windows
  • Avoid random access to http sources
  • Update etcher-sdk to ^4.1.8
  • Read image path from arguments, register etcher://… protocol
  • Update etcher-sdk to ^4.1.6
  • Fix sudo prompt promisification
  • Allow skipping notarization when building package (dev)

Changes in version 1.5.96:

  • Fix ia32 builds for windows
  • Remove writing speed from finish screen
  • Add effective speed in flash results
  • Update progress bar style
  • Change font to SourceSansPro and fix hover color
  • Update rendition to ^14.13.0
  • Remove unused styles

Changes in version 1.5.95:

  • spectron: Make tests pass on Windows Docker containers

Changes in version 1.5.94:

  • Stop checking file extensions
  • Fix flash from url (broken in 1.5.92)
  • Update etcher-sdk to ^4.1.4

Changes in version 1.5.93:

  • Update electron builder to v22.6.1
  • Strip out comments from generated code
  • Update electron to v9.0.0

Changes in version 1.5.92:

  • Use instead of reading it from argv in catalina-sudo
  • Disable asar packing on all platforms
  • Remove unneeded fortawesome from main.scss
  • Remove unneeded font formats
  • Webpack everything, reduce package size

Changes in version 1.5.91:

  • Minor fix – Init isSourceDrive param in correct place
  • Fix undefined image from DriveCompatibilityWarning

Changes in version 1.5.90:

  • Update led behavior

Version number 1.5.100
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website balena
File size 128.00MB
License type GPL