Software Update: Apple Mac OS X 10.2.5

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Apple has released a new version of its most popular operating system, Mac OS X. The release is number 10.2.5 in the series. There are a lot of features that will benefit from the update. We could list them all here, but Apple saves us the trouble:

The 10.2.5 update provides improved functionality and stability for the following programs, features, and technologies: AirPort, Bluetooth, Classic compatibility, FireWire, Image Capture, Graphics, Mail, and OpenGL.

The update includes improvements to AFP, Web services, PPP dial-up connections, and Windows file services, as well as improvements to audio, video, printing, and information capture on CDs and DVDs.

The update also provides updated security features. The latest security updates are part of this update.[break]Reason enough to install the new version. You can here download the update. That turns your MacOS 10.2.4 into a real 10.2.5. If you first want to know exactly what the upgrade does to your beloved apple, you can here justly.

Version number 10.2.5
Operating systems macOS
Website apple
License type Freeware