Software Update: AbiWord 0.99.3-1

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Pieter|IA2 informed us that a new version of the word processor AbiWord has been released. The bug with the zlib library has been fixed in this release. Version 0.99.3-1 includes the following improvements:

  • AbiGimp plugin – edit images with the Gimp.
  • Script Happy plugin – Any program’s output is captured by Abi.
  • Image Resize dialog.
  • Lots of documentation work.
  • Solaris build fixes.
  • Unix build fixes.
  • Mac OS X port.
  • Mac OS X improvements.
  • XHTML output improvements.
  • Major Server Maintenance.
  • Compound Word support in spell checking.
  • WordPerfect importer improvements.
  • Translation script improvements.
  • Xdarwin improvements.
  • Many Build system fixes and improvements.
  • MS Word importer improvements.
  • Autosaved backup name fixes.
  • Plugin Build System.
  • AbiSpell additions and fixes.
  • Allow more than 50 copies to be printed.
  • SVG plugin work.
  • BeOS updates.
  • Windows Incremental Loader.
  • Dingbat fonts to allow all AbiWord bullet symbols on win.
  • Many plugin fixes for Windows.
  • Tabbed leaders for Windows.
  • zlib updates.
  • Windows Installer updates.
  • Removed fixed sized buffers from imp/exp classes.
  • Plugin code updates.
  • Added heuristics to importers to cope with dodgy documents.
  • Beginnings of Grammer Checker.
  • Automatic cleanup after plugins are removed.
  • Workaround for Gnome print bug with small fontsizes.
  • Finish AbiWord – “new” dialog
  • “New” dialog for Windows.
  • More AbiWord Templates.
  • Import/Export Fields to RTF.
  • export Headers to RTF.
  • Make Abi only draw once for significant speed up.
  • Major Header/Footer improvements.
  • Move to images and fields on a single click.

Version number 0.99.3-1
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, BSD, Windows XP, Linux x86, macOS, Solaris
Website AbiWord
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