Sniper Elite 3 Coming to Steam and Consoles on June 27th

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Sniper Elite 3, the third-person shooter that revolves entirely around the sniper industry, will be released on June 27 on Steam and on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 as well as Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game is set in North Africa this time.

Rebellion announces it news to via Twitter. Those who pre-order the game will receive the ‘Hunt The Gray Wolf’ DLC pack. This is a bonus mission set in Libya, in which the player has the task of distinguishing Hitler and his doppelgänger from each other, and taking out the correct one. The mission will partly vary with each attempt; the identities and locations of targets differ every time.

Developer Rebellion is working on both pre-order bonuses and a collector’s edition of the game. The collector’s edition comes in a tin box that resembles an ammo box and contains three DLC packs with additional skins and weapons, a deck of cards, an official Sniper Elite 3 target for the firing range, a set of dog tags, a file , and a laser pointer in the shape of a bullet.

The third game in the Sniper Elite franchise is set in North Africa. Rebellion announced last November that Sniper Elite 3 will support AMD’s Mantle API. That would lead to better performance with the right hardware configurations. It remains to be seen whether Mantle will be supported immediately upon release. With Battlefield 4 and Thief that was also promised, but in neither case delivered. Battlefield 4 recently started supporting Mantle and a Mantle patch is in the works for Thief.

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