Snapchat lost three million users

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In the past quarter, Snapchat did not look too good. In addition to the stagnant growth and Instagram that users of Snapchat are plucking away, there is even more bad news for the company.

Drop users Snapchat

The latest quarterly figures show that the number of users dropped from 191 million to 188 million. It is the first time at Snapchat that the number of users has been reduced. Still, there are also more positive sounds to be detected at Snapchat. The 188 million active users are eight percent higher than in the same period last year.

Total revenue is also 44 percent higher than the previous year and the loss of Snapchat has been reduced by 20 percent. Snapchat loses users, but earns more money? An investment of 250 million dollars from prince Al-Waleed Talal from Saudi Arabia may have to do with this.

Redesign is not appreciated

The cause of the decreasing number of users is partly due to the redesign . Many users were not satisfied with this. At the moment, Snapchat is trying to take the feedback from users to adjust the design. There were also problems with the Android app. This will also be adjusted with the iOS app as an example.

Every day users spend half an hour on Snapchat. There are also more and more people over the age of 35 on the app. In short, a decreasing number of users, but not everything goes bad at Snapchat. The next quarterly figures will show how this development will proceed.

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