Smartphones will stay in the bag with French students from now on

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Pupils in France can now no longer fill their breaks and lessons with scrolling through the smartphone . French lawmakers have voted to ban the use of smartphones in schools.

Pupils under the age of fifteen may no longer use smartphones at school. They must leave it at home or put it out. This also applies to laptops, tablets and other devices with internet connection. There are exceptions for students with a disability or when a device is used for educational purposes.

Smartphone ban

In France they do not like smartphones. In 2010 smartphones were no longer allowed to be used during all educational activities. This year, chatting in the car was forbidden, even when you are on the side of the road.

the ban was a promise of French President Macron. According to the legislators this prohibition is not necessarily new. In no country is it allowed to use telephones in the classroom. The reason for the ban is that children should not spend so much time on their device. It is a kind of message to public health.

Opinions on the ban will be strongly divided. On the one hand, it is a positive development. Children have to play outside and play games, not behind a screen. Yet this is a limitation in the freedom of students, and school becomes the place where there are only rules.

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