Smartphone maker Essential of Android founder Andy Rubin stops

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Smartphone maker Essential, known for the PH-1 phone released in 2017, is stopping. The last update for the phone has since been released and the company has stopped providing support. The Gem, a long and thin smartphone, will not come.

The latest update for the PH-1 is last week, Essential says. The company has put the code on GitHub. In theory, for example, enthusiastic users should be able to continue developing the software for the telephone.

Essential also had several other products, besides the phone. Mail service Newton Mail will stop working at the end of April. The Gem smartphone that Essential showed in October is not coming. There was no “clear path” to a consumer sale, the company says.

It is obvious that the company of former Android founder Andy Rubin ran out of money. The PH-1 sales yielded money in 2017, but after that the company probably had little turnover. There was never a successor to the telephone.

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