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Smart lighting Ikea works after update with Google Assistant

The IKEA series of smart lighting, Trådfri, is compatible with Google Assistant after an update of the app. The lamps already worked with Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa. For the lights to work, users must enable the function in the app.

The Ikea app has had an update which adds Google Assistant support, allowing users to control their lights via the digital assistant . It is then possible to operate the lamps with the customary voice commands . This is possible for lamps connected to the internet via the connection hub of the lamp series.
With the voice commands it is possible to switch the lights on and off, to change the color and to adjust the brightness. Ikea said earlier that the integration with Google Assistant was coming. The digital assistant does not yet work in Dutch, but Google adds the Dutch language to Assistant later this year. The support for Apple HomeKit and Alexa has been available since November.
 Ikea Tradfri-app


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