Skyrim mod Enderal: Forgotten Stories is compatible with Skyrim Special Edition

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Enderal: Forgotten Stories, a total conversion for Skyrim, has been modified and made compatible with Skyrim Special Edition. Previously, the extended mod was only playable in conjunction with the original version of Skyrim from 2011.

The Special Edition of Skyrim was released in 2016 and is an improved version of the original from 2011. The newer version uses a different rendering engine that allows, among other things, improved lighting effects. The Special Edition of Skyrim is also more stable and the performance is better and various fixes have been implemented that are not in the original.

Fans have converted Enderal: Forgotten Stories so that the mod is now playable with Skyrim Special Edition. Enderal SE is on NexusMods and in March the new version will also be available for download via Steam. The mod is a free expansion, but players must own Skyrim. Meanwhile, a VR mod for Enderal is also being worked on. SkyrimVR is required to play it. That version of the game is based on the same engine as the Special Edition.

Enderal: Forgotten Stories is the most popular mod for Skyrim with hundreds of thousands of downloads. The mod has its own story, lore, custom skill system and mechanics. Enderal was created by SureAI and that team is now working on a commercial game.

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