Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht loses job and jailed for life

Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht has lost an appeal. The New York District Court judges upheld the sentence sentenced to life in prison and overruled all of his objections.

The judges of the court did not agree with his argument that his laptop and online accounts were incorrectly searched. Ulbricht felt that the evidence from it should be annulled, because the search violated the police’s constitutional rights. Ulbricht further argued that he has helped to reduce drug violence with Silk Road, but the judges were not interested in that either.

Ulbricht appealed after being sentenced to life in prison two years ago. The illegal trading place Silk Road was only accessible via Tor and a lot of drugs were traded. At the end of 2013, the American justice system rolled up the site. At the time, Ulbricht was in a library and logged into the site’s admin panel with his laptop. Ulbricht made money from every transaction through the site. He was known as ‘Dread Pirate Roberts’.