Signify releases Hue module that can be mounted in wall switches

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Signify is releasing a switch for its Hue lights that can be built into a wall. The module can be installed behind existing switches. The company also releases two new outdoor lamps.

The Philips Hue Wall Switch Module also allows users to make existing switches smart. The module fits into the wall behind a switch, so that it receives permanent power. The Wall Switch Module can then be operated with the app or manually. It is possible to program three scenes for lamps on the module. These can then be turned on by flipping the switch on and off a few times. The module does not receive mains power, but runs on a battery that, according to Signify, lasts five years.

The company says that the Hue Wall Switch Module will be released on March 9 for 40 euros. In addition, Signify is also releasing a new version of the wireless dimmer with a different design, which should fit better over existing switches and sockets. It costs 20 euros and will be released at the end of January.

Signify is also releasing two new outdoor lamps. The first is the Hue Amaranth, a color lighting bar for garden paths and eaves. Signify does not write how long the Amaranth is, but that it works on low voltage, so that several can be connected to each other. The Amaranth costs 150 euros each and will be released at the end of January.

The other outdoor lamp is the Hue Appear, a wall lamp with a tubular fixture that provides light on two sides. The fixture is made of stainless steel and will be released at the end of January for 150 per two pieces.

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