Signify provides parts of PSV Eindhoven stadium with wireless internet via LiFi

Signify has started installing its Trulifi system in the PSV Eindhoven stadium. After the Frits Philips VIP room, the press room will soon also be equipped with the technology. Li-fi systems such as Trulifi provide data transfer via light waves.

According to the manufacturer, the former Philips Lighting, with the Trulifi products that Signify installs in the Philips Stadium, data transfer speeds of up to 150Mbit/s up and down are feasible. In this case, it concerns the Trulifi 6002 series, a so-called Li-Fi system, especially for business environments, that uses invisible infrared light.

The system’s transmitters are ceiling-mounted, usually near existing lighting fixtures or built into new bulbs. For the time being, users will need a Trulifi USB dongle to receive and transmit the light waves, which in this case is made available by the football club and Signify. In time, the aim is to integrate the technology into certain laptops and smartphones as standard.

With LiFi, manufacturers such as Signify want to offer a supplement for data transfer via radio signals such as WiFi. Due to congestion in the 2.4 GHz frequency band in particular, these signals are increasingly experiencing interference and delays. Lifi, on the other hand, offers guaranteed and stable transfer rates, according to Signify, because the bandwidth of the light spectrum is more than a thousand times greater than that of the radio spectrum.

Li-fi signals could also only be received in the room in which they are broadcast. According to Signify, this makes Trulifi very suitable for places where sensitive information is exchanged, such as government buildings, financial institutions and hospitals. As additional security, lifi uses aes256 encryption.