Signify announces 20 meters long Philips Hue light cord with 250 mini LEDs

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Signify has announced the Philips Hue Festavia, a 20-metre-long light cord with 250 mini LEDs. For example, the cord can be wrapped around Christmas trees or stair railings and will be on sale from Tuesday 15 November for 160 euros.

For Festavia, Signify is introducing two new functions in the Hue app. With the Sparkle effect, the 250 lights of the cord ‘sparkle’, what according to Signify for an ‘extra festive look’. The new Diffuse style again allows up to five colors to be randomly scattered across the cord.

The lighting cord also supports other functions of the Hue app: users can use the app to dim the lighting of the cord, change color, switch it on or off and set timers and schedules. The app also allows users to set different color points and thus get a color gradient along the cord. The light cord can also be linked to other Hue lamps, or to music via Spotify or Samsung SmartThings.