Sharing mobile data with your family? Vodafone thinks it works

Many mobile providers such as KPN and T-Mobile now offer an unlimited mobile data plan, but Vodafone does not participate in that yet. They have devised something else to make data usage easier for their customers: the family subscription Red Together.

It is an interesting concept: a mobile subscription in which your entire data bundle is shared with family members. It should ensure that you always have enough data to get through the month, without structurally decreasing because you are afraid that you will be short-lived. We use family members here in the most loose sense: you can close the subscription with random telephone numbers, so you do not have to live in one house or prove that you are family for Red Together.

How does it work?

The standard Red Together subscription costs 45 euros per month and you get 40 GB of data for that. In itself not a good deal, but it becomes more interesting as you connect more people. A ‘family’ can consist of a maximum of five numbers, but after the standard subscription, each extra connection costs € 15 per month. A quick calculation shows that with a maximum ‘family’ you pay 21 euros per month and there you get, assuming it is distributed fairly, 16 GB of data for it. With four, three and two people, that price will shift to € 22.50, € 25 and € 30 per month respectively.

If you get the people to get to the bottom price, it is competitive with the other providers, but it gets (like with everything at Vodafone) a lot better if the person who applies for the subscription is also with Ziggo. Then you get a little discount and double data and then everyone suddenly has 32 GB of data for 20 euros per month. That is a very good deal, but you do give something up if you are not a real family.

Keep it in the family

It is in fact set up so that the person who takes out the main subscription has full control over the subscription: the rest depends on it. The ‘chef’ can determine which number gets the amount of data per month and even completely cut the data flow. That is of course ideal in a family setting: you can temper the kids a little if they use too much data and also keep an eye on what goes through.

Another disadvantage is that all contracts are in the name of the main applications. This means that you therefore have to settle the subscription for each group and if someone does not pay (again, especially a problem with non-family groups) you have to solve it yourself. The advantage is that each subscribed subscription can be terminated on a monthly basis, so the problem is also solved relatively quickly for non-paying friends or family.

Privacy issues

It is not entirely clear on the order page at Vodafone, but according to Bright it is also the case that the administrator can view the calling history of everyone in the group. That is of course a bit of privacy what you have to give up to get a lot of data cheaply and that will not find everyone OK, even in a real family.

However, if that is not a problem and you are also involved with Ziggo and you can find five people who want to participate, this is a very good deal, but it does have some feet in the earth. Convert subscriptions, arrange payments, you name it. A lot of effort, but then you have a lot of data for little money, and that might be worth a while.


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