Share photos without quality loss in WhatsApp

When you share photos via WhatsApp, they are compressed by the messaging service. This leaves only around 5 percent of the original file size. You don’t notice much of that on the iPhone screen, but the quality loss is clearly visible on a larger screen or in a photo album.

Therefore share your photos in a different way and ask your group mates to do the same in WhatsApp. These are our favorite ways:

1. iCloud link

If you have an iPhone and use iCloud photos, sharing an iCloud link (a new feature of iOS 13) is definitely the fastest way. You do it like this:

  • Open the Photos app and select the photos you want to share.
  • Tap the Share button in the bottom left, scroll down and choose ‘Copy iCloud link’.
  • The link is now on your clipboard and you can paste it wherever you want – as in WhatsApp.

If the recipient opens the link, he or she can download the photos. The great thing is that the method not only works with people who have an Apple device, but also that Android users can download the photos via the link.

2. We Transfer

For those who don’t have their photos in iCloud or don’t own an Apple device, Wetransfer might be the most convenient option.

  • Navigate in the browser to the website of We Transfer.
  • Add the photos (and videos) via the Plus button.
  • When sharing, choose “Create my link” and tap “Send”
  • Tap “Copy link” and paste the link into Whatsapp.

3. Share As Zip File

You can share your photos as zip file to protect from loosing quality. The recipient will have to unzip folder to see original photos.

4. Change Extension in Name

This method is useful for single HD photo. While transfering photo, you can change extension in file name, i.e, example.jpg to exanple.doc. You can share this as documents. The recipient wil have to change the extension from example.doc to example.jpg to see original photos.