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Do you only share your Netflix subscription with your family?

Many people share a Netflix plan. Not only at home, but often also with other people. Research from Telecompaper shows that the lion’s share of that sharing with others does happen within the family circle. It is very common, because there is a lot on the streaming service.

Nearly 70 percent of people only use their subscription within the family, and then there’s still 23 percent who are willing to share the abo with direct family. Only eight percent also share outside. Logical, because tires can be broken and then there is a hassle. However, there are people who are not afraid of that, because one percent of people even share the log-in code with strangers. That may seem bizarre, but can probably occur in young people. I would not dare, anyway.

Premium customers share more

Now you obviously need a suitable subscription to share with other people, because with the basic plan you can only get one stream at a time. Sharing is therefore logically the most in the higher Netflix segment. With a standard account you can do two streams at once, but people who use the 4K / premium subscription can even watch four streams simultaneously. Then the chance that you get in each other’s way is very small.
The fact that subscriptions such as Netflix are widely shared is generally known: Netflix itself also knows and has not yet taken any measures to prevent this use. There is a chance that the rates for subscriptions with multiple streams will ever increase or that having HD / 4K will be disconnected from the number of streams you can watch. Until now they seem to allow it to be closed and so we can just watch Netflix as just-right Dutch. Nice and good?

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