Several Russian government sites inaccessible after DDoS attacks

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Several Russian government sites are inaccessible after DDOs attacks. The websites of the Kremlin, the Russian government and the Ministry of Defense, among others, are down. Several Twitter accounts are claiming the attacks on behalf of Anonymous.

A number of Russian government sites were offline on Thursday, others on Friday. These include the Kremlin sites, government site, Russian parliament website, Russian Ministry of Defense site, Russian state media website and Ministry of Defense websites. Foreign Affairs, President Putin and the Russian oil company Gazprom. The websites seem to be down due to ddos ​​attacks. While it is not clear who is behind the attacks, several Twitter profiles the attacks on, they say in the name of Anonymous and in response to the invasion of Ukraine.

Due to the promotions, the websites are poorly or not at all accessible, especially from Russia. A Kremlin spokesman told several media outlets that nothing was wrong and that the websites could be reached, but analyst Doug Mandory of internet monitoring company Kentik told CNN it was clear that the websites were hit by DDO attacks. The attacks come shortly after the Ukrainian government called on hackers to help defend Ukraine’s digital infrastructure and conduct spy missions against Russian forces.

Ukrainian government websites have also been subject to numerous DDOs attacks, cyber attacks on ministries and banks, and wiper malware that wipes data from Ukrainian computers for some time now.

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