Self-propelled Range Rover successfully tested (video)

Like many other manufacturers, Jaguar Land Rover is also busy developing a . According to the car manufacturer, self- cars are reality within ten years. The first with a fully autonomous driving Range Rover has now been completed.

The test with a of a self-propelled Range Rover Sport was carried out as part of the British government project   Autodrive. For the test, the car drove up to 55 km / h on the complex ring road of Coventry. In addition, the lane was successfully changed, anticipated and without any problems driving roundabouts.

To allow the Range Rover to independently, the cruise control was equipped with additional , radar and lidar . The car can recognize traffic lights, cross pedestrians and avoid cyclists and other cars. The Range Rover can also park independently. You can see what the test looked like in the video below.

The UK Autodrive project was a three-year program, which ends this month. The British government invested 22.5 million euros in it.

 Self-propelled Range Rover Sport