‘Security from the top-5 priorities of the business community’

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Security is becoming less important in business, research shows. The subject has disappeared from the top-5 of the priority list, security has moved from fourth place to sixth place. Web technology and IT management are new in the top-5. We find networks in the first place, both with and without cables, this remains the most important area of ​​attention. The second is the software infrastructure, especially ERP solutions require attention. The third place is for hardware upgrades, maintaining the hardware within the company. Web technology has settled in fourth place, especially e-commerce and web services are gaining in importance. The top-5 ends with IT management, an area in which people work on long-term solutions and pay less attention to the hype called outsourcing.

The current five key IT priorities are:

  • Wired and wireless
  • Software infrastructure
  • Hardware upgrades
  • web technology
  • IT management

After that we find respectively: Security, Data management, OS migration and Application development. The survey is conducted each month among 500 IT managers from companies with more than 500 employees.

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