Secret meeting with the Opel GTX Experimental

It is the opposite world. Normally you see a concept car for the first time at a big car show where the curtain goes off and the world can say ‘wow’. Sometimes overstyled, sometimes something that looks like something in the distant future and almost always of a rare beauty.

In our project with Opel everything is different and we are the first to see what the future concept car looks like. The people at Opel realize that too. This new concept car the Opel GT X Experimental is finished and not finished yet. The literal ‘road to’ is special when we drive up an old Rüsselsheim factory and drive through enclosed spaces. It feels like we are being kidnapped to a location that you will never find. An old factory where once the Opel Omega was the last. Now an empty hall (see picture header) with somewhere in the back fences with black cloths because even here where no one can and may come, what is behind is still a secret until August 22nd. Then the canvas will finally be removed at 00:01.

It might sound more exciting than it really is, but it is still a special moment when you step out of an Opel Van and come face to face with the new concept car from Opel, the GT X Experimental. An in all respects innovative view on how a compact SUV can look tomorrow and that on the basis of the Opel GT Concept. It is the dream car that we tried to draw during the first design phase.

Opel GT X Experimental

It is a coincidence or not, at least there is a compact SUV that is innovative on all points. It is the ‘wow moment’ we’ve been looking for and where you look at your ‘own’ design with a bit of shame. That ‘own’ was of course only possible thanks to the talented designers led by Mark Adams. The team that at Opel is responsible for the looks, that what you see and the concept car that after the unveiling is just world news for all automotive enthusiasts. It is also the car that the competition will look closely at. And of course we all wonder if it really will be.

The Opel GT X Experimental, the concept car that we will tell about after midnight with photos and more. The car that will set the standard for Opel in the coming years. German Germanness, unique in design and with technology on board that you can only dream of. It is the car that makes it clear that, despite the new French mother, the German brand will never give away its brand identity. The bar is high and will never go down again.

It is a privilege to participate in this entire project of the Opel GT X Experimental. Only twelve people, two hands full of journalists and a blogger, the love of cars and design they have in common, get an insight into how a study model of a brand has come about. Where do the ideas come from, when everyone is satisfied and Mark Adams says ‘Stop, this is our new car’, this is going to be him, now nothing more to do (although that is a false reality). It is the moment that the car is finished for the general public, the last details are checked and the software is optimized. Equipped with an electric motor to go from show to show.


The process inside is sincere, exciting, nothing is left to chance. Something is only conceived and implemented if it is useful, no frills or to implement things because it is possible. No Germanness comes first and we see that in everything. That is why the insight we have received and which is going to have a sequel is so special. A brand is going to live, the car you see is more than just a design, a design study. It is reality that no one knows which DNA of this model is included in future cars from Opel. In our enthusiasm do not say much more. Let this be his Opel, the GT X (Experimental) is born.


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