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Second Kickstart campaign Facebook alternative Openbook does succeed

The second Kickstart campaign for Facebook alternative Openbook has reached its goal. On Friday evening the campaign period ended with 56,506 euros on the counter. With that, the stretch goal of a web version has also been achieved. The aim was to collect at least € 30,000 in pick-up.

With the € 30,000, the organization based in The Hague is working to develop a mobile version of Openbook. That became the main goal of the second Kickstarter campaign after the first failed to reach its financing target . The amount of the stretch goal for the web version stood at 50,000 euros. Incidentally, this second campaign has raised a little more than 9000 euros more than the previous one.
The reduced target amounts are made possible by the fact that the founders put their own money into the project. The money that has been collected must be good for half a year of work on the platform. The next half year comes from the own pockets of the founders and after that it is still unclear how to proceed. ‘If we make a good first version, then we’ll see it from there,’ they write on the Kickstarter page. The team also agrees to donate thirty percent of the profits to charitable causes.
The goals of Openbook are to create a social medium that is open source, does not do tracking and also does not sell advertising space. Nevertheless, the company is not a non-profit; In the long run, income must come from percentages of transactions in the context of services and goods exchange. Openbook recognizes that this platform is in fact also a marketplace.
One of the initiators of Openbook is Jaya Baloo, the chief information security officer of the Dutch telecom company KPN. The founder and director of Openbook is Joel Hernández and furthermore the project is supported by Philip Zimmermann, maker of the e-mail encryption software pgp.

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