Season Two of Apex Legends Adds Dragons and ‘Leviathans’ Amongst others

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A trailer for Season Two of Apex Legends features a new character, new weapons and the so-called Leviathans. There is also another undisclosed character in the trailer. Season two of Apex Legends comes out on July 2nd

A trailer that leaked earlier this week, but which Respawn has now also posted online, shows a number of characters battling each other while another unannounced character goes off an emp. This emp allows the flying dinosaur-like monsters and Leviathans to reach and destroy the island. This will most likely change the map ‘Kings Canyon’. Dragons are also locked in cages, but what functions these dragons get is still unknown.

The new character ‘Wattson’ that has been added was previously announced during EA Play. Watson’s abilities include being able to place an electric fence and deploy a pylon, which charges shields and blocks grenades.

Several weapon updates have also been added, as well as a new weapon. The ‘L-Star’ is a plasma weapon that fires plasma projectiles. If the weapon is used too much in succession, it can overheat. The ‘L-Star’ can only be found in the ‘Airdrops’ for the time being.

In addition, a number of new ‘Battle Pass’ weapons have been added as well as skins to customize characters with. There are also new emotes that can be used while skydiving. Also added ‘badges’ for the upcoming competitive mode.

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