Sea of ​​Thieves had record 4.8 million players in June

Pirate game Sea of ​​Thieves had a record number of 4.8 million active players in June. The number of players increased because of the Pirates of the Caribbean expansion that came out recently. The game first appeared in 2018 and has since been expanded.

According to developer Rare, last June was the busiest month ever in the game, with 4.8 million active players. Microsoft announced at E3 that the game would be crossover with Pirates of the Caribbean, in partnership with Disney. That update came out on June 22 and added a campaign with five new stories.

Rare writes that it listens to feedback from players and says that it is working hard to improve balance and gameplay in the new Tall Tales, which have been added with the expansion. Several hotfixes have been released since the release and an August update should bring further improvements.

Last year in June there were 3.3 million active players. Rare then said there were 15 million players in total. The developer does not mention a new total number this time. Sea of ​​Thieves came out in 2018 and was then criticized for not having much content in the game. Since then, several free extensions have been added. The game is available for Windows PCs and Xbox consoles and is part of Game Pass. The PC version is also on Steam.