Sci-fi platformer Replaced coming to Xbox consoles and PC in 2022

Sci-fi platformer Replaced will be available on Xbox consoles and PC sometime next year. In the game by Sad Cat Studios and Coatsink, the player takes on the role of an artificial intelligence trapped in a human body.

Replaced is described by the makers as a retro-futuristic action platformer with graphics in 2.5d. Players take on the role of an artificial intelligence called REACH, who is imprisoned in a human body against his will. In the game, players have to discover the dark secrets of the city.

According to the makers Replaced combines cinematic platform elements with pixel art and free-flowing action combat. The game is set in a dystopian Phoenix city, with a story set in an alternate 1980s United States.

The released trailer shows, among other things, the necessary neon lighting and dilapidated streets. Furthermore, the trailer offers a brief look at the combat, with opponents wielding both hand and firearms.

Replaced will be released sometime next year on Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X, and Windows PCs, including via Steam and the Epic Games Store. Xbox Game Pass owners can also play the game from day one. Replaced will be Sad Cat Studios’ debut game; Coatsing is known for Cake Bash and Phogs.