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Samsung will start producing 65 "-oled screens in a few years’ time

Samsung plans to produce quantum dot-oled screens in a size of 65 “and larger from 2021 onwards. The manufacturer is investing 13.1 trillion Korean won, approximately 10 billion euros, in a production line for the screens until 2025.

The production line in the South Korean city of Asan made LCDs for TVs until last month , Yonhap reports . During a meeting at the factory, Samsung top people said that from 2021 onwards, 30,000 sheets with 65 “screens or larger should roll off the tape based on its quantum dot technology. Production should increase in the following years. According to The Investor it concerns qd-oled screens.

Samsung confirmed earlier this year that it is working on qd-oled screens. With qd-oleds, Samsung uses blue oleds with red and green color filters to get colors on the screen, while current oled screens include white oleds. According to Samsung, the qd-oled TVs can display better colors than the existing OLED TVs from competitors such as LG. The maximum brightness would also be higher.

LG holds the patent on the production of oled panels with white oleds, which means that Samsung cannot produce its own panels based on this technology. That is why Samsung has to use RGB oleds, the disadvantage of which is that the quality deteriorates because blue, green and red do not wear uniformly. Blue oleds have a disadvantage compared to red and green oleds in terms of lifespan and efficiency, but perhaps Samsung has managed to improve the lifespan.

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