“Samsung TV Plus streaming service may come to third-party televisions”

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Samsung is considering making its free streaming service Samsung TV Plus available to other television manufacturers. That is what tech editor Janko Roettgers says based on multiple sources.

In his Lowpass Newsletter writes Roettgers that Samsung has spoken to some competitors for this, according to several sources who are said to be familiar with these conversations. One of these discussion partners would be the Chinese TCL, although it is not clear how advanced these talks are and whether they are still being held. Spokesmen for TCL and Samsung declined to answer questions from Roettgers.

The South Korean company would have previously had plans to license individual channels of the streaming service to other television manufacturers, but those talks would have come to nothing, according to a source. In order to grow the audience of the streaming service, Samsung would now consider making the service available to competitors in its entirety.

Samsung started the streaming service in 2015 TVPlus and it was previously only available to owners of Samsung TVs running Tizen, but later owners of Galaxy phones and tablets with Android 8.0 or higher were also given access, and in 2021 the company launched a web version for the United States. In April 2021, Samsung made TV Plus available in the Benelux. Users can watch both local and global channels for free, including news, sports and entertainment. The channels have advertisements.

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