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Samsung releases this year smartphone with four (!) Cameras

The double camera on the back of a smartphone is now almost the norm, especially for the more expensive models. Huawei even has a model with three cameras with the P20 Pro . You would say, it will stop, but Samsung is apparently going to take it a step further with the upcoming Galaxy A9 Star Pro.

That gets no less than four cameras, a flash and a fingerprint sensor on the back, so say the goodies on Twitter. There are no images of that, so we quickly took Photoshop in hand to give an ‘impression’ of what it looks like. Hopefully the real product is a lot nicer. The device should be presented according to insiders on 11 October. That could be quite right, because in the invitation for the event hint Samsung with the text ‘4x fun’.

A9 plus A7 = 7

The A9 would be a midrange device, so do not expect a heavy chip on a lot of memory in it. For the photos it could be quite interesting, depending on what Samsung does with it. According to the rumors there is also a separate button for Samsung’s smart assistant Bixby on the smartphone and there is still a nice old-fashioned headphone jack on.

Besides the A9 there would also be a new version of the A7, which will not get four, but three cameras. [UPDATE] The A7 has already been announced by Samsung and there are now also official pictures of the device with the three cameras, as you can see below. There you can also see what else we can expect from it.

It all seems to indicate that the race for the nicest, best and easiest camera in a smartphone is still in full swing and not all manufacturers try to solve it with software. We will hear October 11 or more in this case will be really better.

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