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Samsung is likely to supply its own socs to more smartphone manufacturers

According to Reuters, Samsung is talking to various smartphone manufacturers about the possible delivery of mobile chips. These were the Exynos soc, with which Samsung seeks to increase its market share in relation to Qualcomm.

Inyup Kang, executive vice president from Samsung and former Qualcomm manager, opposite Reuters confirmed . Apart from ZTE, no names of manufacturers were mentioned, but he expects Samsung to announce a new customer for the Exynos chips in the first half of 2019. The mobile chips from Samsung are so far only in their own smartphones and in phones from the Chinese manufacturer Meizu. In the market for mobile socics, Apple and Qualcomm are much larger than Samsung.
It is not clear whether the talks with ZTE have to do with the American trade ban that was previously imposed on the Chinese manufacturer. As a result, American companies can no longer supply ZTE components for seven years. This increases the need for the Chinese manufacturer to purchase parts from as many different suppliers as possible. ZTE largely depends on US suppliers, such as Qualcomm and Intel. Qualcomm says it expects a three percent lower profit in the next quarter as ZTE felt compelled by the sanctions to shut down its operations.
Kang has said that Samsung will remain in talks with ZTE, regardless of the outcome of the apparent attempt US President Trump to get back together with the Chinese President ZTE .


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